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CIL Expenditure

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a planning charge, introduced by the Planning Act 2008 as a tool for local authorities in England and Wales to help deliver infrastructure to support the development of their area. It came into force on 6 April 2010 through the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010.

CIL is a levy that local authorities can choose to charge on new developments in their area. The money should be used to support development by funding infrastructure that the council, local community and neighbourhoods want.

For background information as to how CIL works please read the Planning Practice Guidance on CIL at the following link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/community-infrastructure-levy


Mid Suffolk District Council has adopted a CIL Charging Schedule which sets out the rate per square metre for charged developments which is payable on commencement of Permitted Development as well as Planning Permission development.

The Babergh and Mid Suffolk Infrastructure Team are responsible for administering the collection of CIL, payments to parish and town councils and district spending.

For an overview as to how CIL operates in Mid Suffolk please click here to be redirected to the relevant page on the Babergh Mid Suffolk website.


A portion of the CIL received by Mid Suffolk is passed to the parish or town council where development is taking place. This will be 15% without a Neighbourhood Plan in place or 25% if the parish has a Neighbourhood Plan in place. The Thurston Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) was passed at referendum on 12 September 2019.

Thurston Parish Council will need to decide how to spend this part of the levy.  The Parish Council has set up a Parish Infrastructure Investment Steering Group to assist with identifying those areas that can be covered by the CIL Regulations 2010. To view the Terms of Reference for this group please click here.

The Steering Group has been meeting over the past few months and with reference to the Thurston NPD and Mid Suffolk's requirements has produced a Parish Infrastructure Investment Plan (PIIP) to inform the Parish Council’s spending decisions. To view the PIIP adopted by the Parish Council and submitted to Mid Suffolk please click here.

Annual Financial Reports on CIL for each parish or town council receiving CIL detailing how the money has been spent must be published on the town or parish councils own websites. Please view the files below for details of monies received and spent.

CIL Monitoring Form for year ending 31 March 2020  
CIL Monitoring Form for year ending 31 March 2019 CIL Monitoring Form for year ending 31 March 2018