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Thurston Neighbourhood Plan

Mid Suffolk District Council adopts the Thurston Neighbourhood Development PLan.

Mid Suffolk on 24 October 2019 decided to 'make' (adopt) the Plan.

A copy of the decision can be accessed by using this link.



The village of Thurston voted, by an overwhelming majority, to accept the Neighbourhood Plan at a Referendum which  took place on Thursday 12 September 2019.

The results were as follows:

Total number of votes cast: 860

Yes: 824 votes (95.81%)

No: 35 votes (4%)

Spoilt or rejected ballot papers: 1

The question that was asked of those entitled to vote was:

"Do you want Mid Suffolk District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Thurston to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood Plan Area?"

Returning Officer's Declaration

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Referendum. 

The District Council's decision that the Thurston NDP, as modified to incorporate the Examiner's Recommendations, had to proceed to Referendum is published below, together with a link to the final version of the Plan: 

Now that the Neighbourhood Development Plan has been approved by voters in Thurston, it will form part of the Mid Suffolk area development plan and will sit alongside Mid Suffolk District Council’s plans for development. Decisions on future planning applications in Thurston will be made using the Thurston NDP, Mid Suffolk’s plans, and any other material considerations. The NDP will put in place policies that will help deliver that vision. 

We know that there will be development in Thurston over the lifetime of the plan but any future growth in Thurston will need to address clearly identified housing needs and the unchecked sprawl of Thurston with the loss of high value farmland will not be supported.

The key benefits of the Thurston Neighbourhood Development Plan are:

It sets out a vision for Thurston in 2036, what we want our village to be like

It includes policies for Thurston on:

  • Spatial Strategy: where any new development in the long term should take place and views on what it should and should not be

  • Meeting housing needs, including for current village residents

  • Meeting specialist care needs for older people

  • Retaining and enhancing Thurston’s character in the design of buildings and any development

  • The provision of community facilities

  • The provision of safe walking and cycle routes

  • Highway capacity at key junctions

  • Parking provision

  • Landscaping and environmental features

  • Local Green Spaces like New Green, the Recreation Field and particular open spaces in housing areas.










Stages in producing a Neighbourhood Plan

For a copy of the stages of the production of Thurston's Neighbourhood Plan please download the document below