As residents you will be aware that Thurston has once again been targeted for more development:

DC/19/03486 - Outline Planning Application (some matters reserved - access to be considered ) - Erection of up to 210 dwellings, means of access, open space and associated infrastructure, including junction improvements (with all proposed development located within Mid Suffolk District, with the exception of proposed improvements to Fishwick Corner being within West Suffolk) - land South West Of Beyton Road Thurston Suffolk

DC/19/02090 - Outline Planning Application (some matters reserved)- Erection of up to 210 dwellings and new vehicular access to include planting and landscaping, natural and semi-natural green space including community growing space(s), children's play area and sustainable drainage system (SuDS), to include 35% affordable dwellings - lLand To The East Of Ixworth Road Thurston Suffolk

Both of these applications are to be determined at the Mid Suffolk Planning Referrals Committee Meeting on Wednesday 29 January 2020 at Endeavour House in Ipswich.

Your Parish Council has and continues to make representations against these applications and will be speaking at the Referrals Committee on Wednesday requesting that these applications be refused on the grounds that any benefits offered will be considerably outweighed by the adverse impacts to the village of Thurston.

It will be stated that both applications have failed to demonstrate that they are able to be considered sustainable development across each of the different objectives as identified in the National Planning Policy Framework:

a) an economic objective – to help build a strong, responsive and competitive economy, by ensuring that sufficient land of the right types is available in the right places and at the right time to support growth, innovation and improved productivity; and by identifying and coordinating the provision of infrastructure;

b) a social objective – to support strong, vibrant and healthy communities, by ensuring that a sufficient number and range of homes can be provided to meet the needs of present and future generations; and by fostering a well-designed and safe built environment, with accessible services and open spaces that reflect current and future needs and support communities’ health, social and cultural well-being;


c) an environmental objective – to contribute to protecting and enhancing our natural, built and historic environment; including making effective use of land, helping to improve biodiversity, using natural resources prudently, minimising waste and pollution, and mitigating and adapting to climate change, including moving to a low carbon economy.

Representations made to date:

PC further submisison to DC/19/03486 PC further submission to DC/19/02090
 PC response to DC/19/03486 PC response to DC/19/02090      
 Updated file of Planning Applications approved for Thurston   Open Letter to the local news and press rooms 

Thurston Parish Council has also produced a short video which has been circulated to all members of the Mid Suffolk Referrals Committee requesting them to pause before granting any further development to allow that which was approved in 2017 to be built, residents settled in and to ensure the infrastructure package promised is achieved and is fit for purpose.

Click here to view a copy of this video (7 minutes in length):