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When are my bins collected?

Mid Suffolk District Council, as the local waste collection authority collects your bin on a fortnightly cycle. All the councils collect the same materials across the whole of Suffolk.

Please use this link for the 2020 collection calendars for Mid Suffolk

Most residents will know their own collection day, however, if you are uncertain please use this link to check your collection day: Tool to check your collection day.

Anyone who doesn’t have computer access can contact the waste team to check:

Phone 0300 1234000 (from 8.45am) (Please note information on call charges.)

When calling the above number, please select: Option 4 for bins, household waste and recycling

General Information on the collection of waste

Below are some useful links:

What goes in my recycling bin?

To find out what you can put in your recycling bin, please use the following links.

Recycling bins that contain incorrect items may not be emptied.

Remember that all materials need to be clean, dry and loose when you put them in the recycling bin.


What goes in my general refuse bin?

Please use this bin for waste that cannot be recycled such as those listed below:

  • Polystyrene foam
  • Crisp packets and sweet wrappers
  • Nappies, sanitary products and soiled textiles
  • Cling film and plastic wrapping
  • Food waste

Refuse bins that contain incorrect items may not be emptied.

What should not go in my refuse bin?

The following items should not be put into your refuse bin:

* All ash, cinders or any other loose materials such as vacuum cleaner dust or shredded paper must be bagged and tied before being put in the refuse bin.

What happens to my refuse?

All refuse from Mid Suffolk and Babergh is sent to the Energy from Waste plant at Great Blakenham, No refuse goes to Landfill.

Please contact Mid Suffolk District Council if you have any questions about waste services in Thurston.