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Litter Picking Heroes

Any litter removed from a natural ecosystem helps wildlife and creates a better space for humans too! Counteract litterbugs by being a litter picker. You don't have to be on an organised litter pick to help, just pick up any rogue litter when you see it and pop it in the bin! LitterpickingOr how about going for a walk and picking up three pieces every time you go?

It’s not just our marine life at risk; animals like hedgehogs and swans are often injured by getting caught up in litter


Top tips for picking litter:

  1. Be prepared: Carry gardening gloves with you (or a litter picker if you have one!) when you're heading out on a walk in case you spot any litter - they'll protect your hands from anything mucky or sharp. If you don't think you'll come across a bin, bring a bag so you can carry any litter away with you.
  2. Stay safe by staying away from needles and not picking up anything with human waste (like nappies), electrical items, or holding any potentially dangerous chemicals. If you're not sure what it is, don't pick it up. Take extra care when picking up anything sharp.
  3. Report any of the above items, anything you think might be dangerous, or any dumped electrical items or paint to the local council or landowner. If you come across a fly-tipping site, or a dead animal, report it.
  4. Sort your haul: Instead of chucking it in a regular bin, you could go one further and separate what you've collected to be recycled! If possible, safety-proof anything you find that could be a danger to wildlife if it ends up in the wrong place further down the line, for example, cutting up 6-pack rings or plastic bottle cap rings.
  5. Wash your hands: Always make sure you wash your hands properly after picking litter!

Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Council run an Adopt an Area Volunteer Litter Pick Scheme’ which is an initiative set up by the Council to give its residents the opportunity to do their bit to keep the area where they live clean and tidy. As part of the scheme, volunteers are given a litter picker, a hi-visibility waistcoat, and guidance to enable them to carry out regular litter picks as an enhancement to the street cleansing service already provided.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer contact.  To register your interest in litter picking please email the Public Realm Team.

Litter pickers