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Parish Council

Parish, Town and Community Councils are the most direct form of democracy in England and Wales, being the first tier of local government. Thurston Parish Council has been in existence since 1894, making it one of the oldest Parish Councils and, in 1994, celebrated its centenary with various commemorative activities.

This tier of local government is set to have more responsibilities placed upon it due to changes within the law relating to the Localism Act of 2011, the Audit and Accountability Act of 2014 and a number of other legislation currently being laid before parliament. This will result in a busier Council - from a resident's perspective a more local place to access information and raise concerns.

The Council is an elected body with eleven seats filled by Thurston residents whose primary function is to ensure that the Parish is efficiently and economically run using a proportion of the annual Council Tax income. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month (apart from January when it is the second Wednesday), in the Community Library, Norton Road to discuss current Parish issues and members of the public are encouraged and very welcome to attend these meetings. There is always an opportunity during the meeting for residents to raise any topic relating to Thurston and the agenda under discussion for consideration and comment by the Parish Councillors, or for referral to District and County Councillors and Officers.

Should you be unable to attend a meeting, contact can be made with the Parish Council by telephoning 01359 232854, e-mailing or calling into the Parish Council Office during office opening hours of Wednesday 10.00am to 4.00pm and Friday 10.00am to 3.00pm and giving reports and queries to the Parish Clerk.

All notices from the Parish Council are displayed in the Village Noticeboards and in the Library including notices of elections; Council Meetings; Planning Applications to be considered by the Parish Council to name but a few.

The Parish Council has a broad range of responsibilities some of which can be summarized below:

  • Sports and Recreational Facilities
  • Playgrounds and Play Equipment
  • Street lighting
  • Street cleansing
  • Statutory consultations on planning issues, working to influence Planning Authority decisions, based on Councillors local knowledge
  • Working on a Neighbourhood Plan which will give the community of Thurston the opportunity to develop a shared vision for its neighbourhood