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Councillor Details

For details of the current compliment of Parish Councillors please see the table below:

  Title Name Email Address
Photo of Councillor Christopher Dashper Chair Christopher Dashper chris@thurstonparishcouncil.uk
BR 2024 Vice-Chair Bryan Rainbow bryan@thurstonparishcouncil.uk
GB 2024 Councillor Graham Balaam graham@thurstonparishcouncil.uk

Photo of Councillor Liz Bond

Councillor Elizabeth Bond liz@thurstonparishcouncil.uk




Councillor Stephen Gerrish stephen@thurstonparishcouncil.uk
Photo of Councillor Barbara Morris Councillor Barbara Morris barbara@thurstonparishcouncil.uk
Photo of Councillor Michael Moy Councillor Michael Moy michael@thurstonparishcouncil.uk
Photo of Councillor Simon Pott Councillor Simon Pott simon@thurstonparishcouncil.uk
 Photo of Councillor Philip Smith Councillor Philip Smith  phil@thurstonparishcouncil.uk
 Photo of Councillor Tracey Welham Councillor Tracey Welham tracey@thurstonparishcouncil.uk
 Photo of Councillor Julian West Councillor Julian West julian@thurstonparishcouncil.uk

For details of the Groups and Committees served by Parish Councillors please see the table below:


Councillor or Parish Council appointed representative

Planning Committee

Councillors Dashper (Chair), Balaam, Morris, Rainbow, Smith, West and Welham

Leisure & Environment Committee

Councillors Bond, Gerrish, Morris, Moy, Pott, Smith and Welham 

Policy and Resources Committee Councillors Balaam, Bond, Dashper (Chair), Moy, Rainbow & West 
Friends of Thurston Library Committee Councillor  Rainbow & Vacancy (1)
Emergency Plan Representatives Councillors Bond, Balaam, Morris, Moy, Rainbow & West
Cavendish Hall Representative Councillor Morris
New Green Community Trust Representative Councillor Bond, West & Vacancy (1)
SALC Representative All Councillors invited to attend SALC Area Forums

Emergency Plan Initiators

Parish Clerk in conjunction with Parish Chair