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Councillor Details

For details of the current compliment of Parish Councillors please see the table below:

Title Name
Chairman Christopher Dashper
Vice-Chairman Bryan Rainbow
Councillor Sarah Cornell
Councillor Derrick Haley
Councillor James Hay
Councillor Barbara Morris
Councillor John Thurlbourn
Councillor Keith Towers
Councillor Nigel Turner
Councillor Julian West
Councillor Vacancy

For details of the Groups and Committees served by Parish Councillors please see the table below:


Councillor or Parish Council appointed representative

Planning Committee

Councillors Dashper, Haley, Morris, Rainbow & West

Recreation Facilities Committee

Councillors Haley, Morris, Rainbow (Chair), Turner & West

Policy and Resources Committee Councillors Dashper (Chair), Haley, Rainbow, West (Vacancy)
Friends of Thurston Library Committee Councillors Haley, Hay and Mr Fawcett
Climate Awareness and Environment Committee Councillors Cornell, Haley, Hay, Morris, Turner, Thurlbourn and Turner (Chair)
Emergency Plan Representatives Councillors Morris, Rainbow (Chair), Thurlbourn, Towers & West
Cavendish Hall Representative Councillor Morris
New Green Community Trust Representative Councillor Thurlbourn
SALC Representative All Councillors invited to attend SALC Area Forums

COVID-19 Emergency Plan Co-Ordinators

Cllrs. Towers, Mr Fawcett, Mr Dixon and the Clerk