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Roles & Responsibilities of the Parish Council

Roles undertaken by Councillors - 2024 as approved at the Annual Council Meeting on 1 May 2024. 

Chair of the Parish Council Councillor Christopher Dashper
Vice- Chair of the Parish Council Councillor Bryan Rainbow
Emergency Planning Committee Councillors Rainbow (Chair), Balaam, Bond, Morris, Moy and West. Substitue: Cllr. Smith
Leisure and Environment Committee Councillors Bond, Gerrish, Morris, Moy,  Smith, Welham. Substitues: Cllrs. Balaam, Dashper
Planning Committee Councillors Dashper (Chair), Balaam, Morris, Rainbow, Smith, West and Welham
Policy and Resources Committe Councillors Balaam, Bond, Dashper (Chair), Moy, Rainbow and West


The play equipment installed and managed by the council and sited at both the New Green Centre and Heath Road is monitored by the Councillors of the Leisure and Environment Committee.


As the Parish Council is the Corporate (Sole) Trustee for Thurston Recreation Ground, the following Councillors have been appointed to the Recreation Ground Trust Committee to manage the playing field and pavilion at Church Road. Councillors Rainbow (Chair); Bond; Gerrish; Morris and West (Vacancy) are the parish council appointed members of the committee which acts in accordance with Charity Law.

Substitue memebrs are: Cllrs. Balaam and Dashper.


All Councillors are invited to attend the quartertly meetings of the Suffolk Association of Local Councils.
Councillor Rainbow sits on the Friends of Thurston Library Group.
Councillor Morris represents the Parish Council on the Cavendish Hall Trust.  
Councillors Rainbow and West are the Council's Internal Audit Control Officers and carry out quarterly reviews of the system of internal control.
Councillors Balaam, Dashper, Morris and West are the Parish Council's authorised signatories.
Councillor Morris is the Parish Council appointed Assistant Tree Warden. The post of Tree Warden is currently vacant.
Councillor Morris is the Parish Council appointed Footpath Warden. The post of Assistant Footpath Warden is currently vacant.
Mrs Jannette Service & Mrs Irene Churchus are the Parish Council appointed Thurston Relief in Need Charity Representatives.
The position of Local Recorder for Thurston is currently vacant.


Delegated Powers

Powers delegated to the Clerk  Powers delegated under Thurston's Dispensation Policy


Terms of Reference for Council's Standing Committees are now contained within one document

Thurston's Standing Committee's Terms of Reference


 Terms of Reference for Council appointed Working Groups

Infrastructure Planning Working Group