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Roles & Responsibilities of the Parish Council

Roles undertaken by Councillors - 2021 - 2022 as approved at the Annual Council Meeting on 5 May 2021

Chair of the Parish Council: Councillor Christopher Dashper

Vice- Chair of the Parish Council: Councillor Bryan Rainbow

Councillors Dashper, Haley, Rainbow and West are the members of the Policy and Resources Committee. 

Councillors Rainbow (Chair), Morris and West are the members of the Emergency Planning Committee.

Councillors Dashper (Chair), Haley, Morris, Rainbow and West are the members of the Planning Committee.

Councillors Cornell, Haley, Hay and Morris are members of the Climate Awareness and Environment Committee.

As the Parish Council is the custodian trustee of the New Green Centre, 6 trustees are appointed by the Parish Council to the Trust which operates the centre. 

The play equipment installed and managed by the council and sited at both the New Green Centre and Heath Road is monitored by the Councillors of the Recreational Facilities Committee.

As the Parish Council is the Corporate Trustee for Thurston Recreation Ground, 5 Councillors have been appointed to the Recreational Facilities Committee to manage the playing field and pavilion at Church Road as well as the other community open space play areas in the village. Councillors Rainbow (Chair); Haley; Morris and West are the parish council appointed members of the committee. 

All Councillors are invited to attend the quartertly meetings of the Suffolk Association of Local Councils.

Councillor Turner represents the Parish Council on the Thurston Community College Forum and Councillors Haley and Hay on Thurston Library Group.

Councillor Morris represents the Parish Council on the Cavendish Hall Trust.   

Councillor Rainbow is the Council's Internal Audit Control Officer and carries out quarterly reviews of the system of internal control.

Councillors Dashper, Morris and West are the Parish Council's authorised signatories.

Councillor Hay and Morris are the Parish Council appointed Tree Wardens.

Councillor Morris is the Parish Council appointed Footpath Warden assisted by Councillor Cornell.

Mrs Jannette Service & Mrs Irene Churchus are the Parish Council appointed Thurston Relief in Need Charity Representatives.

Councillor Morris is the Parish Council appointed Local Recorder for Thurston.

Delegated Powers

Powers delegated to the Clerk during COVID-19

Powers delegated under Thurston's Dispensation Policy


Terms of Reference for Council's Committees

Policy and Resources Committee

Recreational Facilities Committee

Planning Committee

Climate Awareness and Environment Committee


Roles and Responsbilities April 2020 to 5 May 2021 

The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) come in to force on 4 April. Broadly speaking, the 2020 Regulations enable local councils to hold remote meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing) for a specified period until May next year. They also remove the requirement to hold an annual meeting. The 2020 Regulations apply to local council meetings, committee and sub-committee meetings in England. Separate legislation is anticipated for Wales.

The COVID-19/ Coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented in peacetime Government measures in response to the crisis (e.g. prohibitions on gatherings, social distancing, self-isolation and shielding of those deemed to be the most vulnerable) have meant that the requirement for local authorities to hold public meetings in person with all members present in one place cannot be met. The statutory requirements for meetings are mainly contained in the Local Government Act 1972 (“the 1972 Act”) and the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (“the 1960 Act”).

In recognition of the problem of holding and attending meetings, and further to the lobbying of the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and others, the Government included s.78 in the Coronavirus Act 2020. This section gave the Secretary of State the power to make Regulations to make provisions for the holding of meetings. The 2020 Regulations set out those provisions.

NALC’s Briefing note: L01-20 | THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES AND POLICE AND CRIME PANELS (CORONAVIRUS) (FLEXIBILITY OF LOCAL AUTHORITY AND POLICE AND CRIME PANEL MEETINGS) (ENGLAND AND WALES) REGULATIONS 2020 provides clarity under Regulation 2 and  Regulation 4 – with regards to appointments made at the Annual Council Meeting held in May.

Regulation 4 - provides that where an appointment would otherwise be made or is required to be made at an annual meeting of a local authority, the appointment continues until the next annual meeting of the authority or until such time as that authority may determine (Regulation 4 (2).

Regulation 6 – confirms that being present at a local council meeting includes being present through remote attendance. The Regulation also disapplies paragraph 7 of Schedule 12 to the 1972 Act. This means there is no requirement for a parish council to hold its annual meeting (for the year 2020).

As such, under delegated powers, the Proper Officer to the Council confirms that the following appointments will remain current until an annual meeting is held (possibly next year) unless the council decides to elect replacements earlier:

  • Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman
  • Chair of the Recreational Facilities Committee
  • Membership of the following Committees: Planning Committee; Recreational Facilities Committee; Policy & Resources Committee; Emergency Planning Committee; Climate Awareness / Environmental Committee 
  • Parish Council Representatives on the following Bodies: Friends of Thurston Library; Cavendish Hall; Thurston Community College Forum; New Green Community Trust
  • Parish Appointed Positions: Tree Warden; Footpath Warden; Bank Signatories; Internal Controller; Village Recorder