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Community Engagement Surgeries


18 March 2020 - All community engagement surgeries are cancelled until further notice. 

During the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government decided on what could remain open or closed. As the situation moves into a new phase, there will likely be no national position, and the increasing emphasis is placed on individuals or organisations to make decisions. For local councils, the decision to reopen facilities such as play equipment, community halls or sports facilities, or to return to office working will need to be made case-by-case. A vital part of that decision-making process will be how to assess and manage risk. At this point in time, the Parish Council do not envisage that there will be the opportunity to reintroduce the Community Engagement Sugeries until the Autumn.

The council’s work is continuing during the COVID-19 crisis and to ensure that questions from the public, on matters affecting Thurston are answered during this period, all enquiries should be made by email: info@thurstonparishcouncil.gov.uk or telephone: 07579 211938.

 Before 18 March 2020

Community Engagement Surgeries provide the community with the opportunity to talk to Councillors about issues specific to the parish and area of Thurston. They are open to anyone living or spending time in the area and members of the public can come along at any time during the given period to talk to local parish councillors, raise issues and submit questions relating to Thurston.

Where duties allow, County Councillor Penny Otton, District Councillors Harry Richardson and Wendy Turner and PCSO Smith will also be in attendance.