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Pre-Submission (Regulation 14) Consultation

The Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Team would like to thank all of those who provided a comment or response to the Pre-Submission Consultation on the draft Thurston Neighbourhood Plan (NPD) which took place between 9th July and 31st August (Inclusive) 2018.

The Neighbourhood Planning Regulations required the proposed plan to be the subject of a 6-week (minimum) consultation before it is submitted to the local authority for independent examination. 

The requirement includes the following:

  • publicise the plan in a manner which brings it to the attention of people who live, work or run businesses in the neighbourhood area. This should include details of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan, details of where and when it may be viewed, details on how to make comments on the plan and the date by which comments must be received (at least 6 weeks from the date on which it is first publicised).
  • consult statutory consultation bodies whose interests may be affected by the plan.
  • send a copy of the proposed plan to the local authority.

To view a summary of the Submission Consultation Responses received along with action to be taken by the Neighbourhood Plan Team please view the relevant files at the bottom of this page.

The public consultation on the Thurston Draft Neighbourhood Plan took place  between Monday 9th July and Friday 31st August 2018.  

Copies of the full version of the Neighbourhood Plan were available for everyone who required one were available from the Parish Council Office, the Community Library and Thurst Cafe during opening hours.

The full version of the Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan is available to download by clicking here(Please note that this is a compressed file due to its large size).

A copy of the summary booklet as delivered to all residents is available to download by clicking here. (Please note this is a compressed file due to its size)

SummaryFor a summary of the responses received and how they have been considered by the Thurston Neighbourhood Plan Team please click on the relevant folder in the table below:

Babergh Mid Suffolk District Council - Community Planning  Environment Agency                                                  
Historic England Natural England
Pigeon Investment Management Ltd Suffolk County Council - Growth, Highways & Infrastructure Directorate
Suffolk Wildlife Trust West Suffolk Council Planning Policy Team
Residents - combined responses  Non Policy Actions