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Site Assessment of Sites for Development

The Parish Council of Thurston, in conjunction with Thurston’s Neighbourhood Planning Team, is in the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Thurston. This is an important policy document because once it has been adopted it will hold the same weight in determining planning applications as the suite of policies of Mid Suffolk District Council.

As part of the process of developing the Neighbourhood Plan, the Neighbourhood Planning Team are considering the merits of making site allocations for development. Particular areas that the Neighbourhood Plan is looking to address are housing, commercial development, allotments and leisure and/or recreational facilities.

The Neighbourhood Planning Team along with its professional partners have now completed the process of assessing those sites that have been submitted for consideration for allocation for development in the Neighbourhood Plan.

All sites that came forwarded were expected to:  state what use the land could to be considered for;    demonstrate how the site could help to achieve the draft objectives of the emerging Neighbourhood Plan;   detail any restrictions or covenants currently placed upon the land in question.

The Neighbourhood Plan can only propose to allocate sites if they are demonstrably deliverable. Any submission does not guarantee allocation or that a site’s prospects of ultimately gaining planning permission will be improved.

Please view the next page - Site Assessment of Land for Development for the assessment of sites that have been submitted for consideration for development in Thurston.