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Simple Ways to Improve Air Quality


There are many things that you can personally do to help improve air quality and reduce air pollution.  These include:

  1. Use your car less.  Try to walk, cycle or use public transport.  Cars are more polluting over short journeys, so aim to reduce these too. 
  2. Reduce emissions from your car by ensuring it is regularly serviced and well maintained. Only carry the weight you need and drive in a gentle, steady way.
  3. Consider purchasing an electric vehicle.
  4. If buying a traditional fuel vehicle, consider the most fuel-efficient petrol vehicle. Use cleaner alternative fuels where possible.
  5. Car share to reduce emissions and save money. Visit Suffolk Car Share's website
  6. Avoid having bonfires. If you do have a fire, only burn dry garden waste. Avoid burning on days that already have high pollution levels.
  7. Avoid burning solid fuel. If you do burn solid fuel, make sure the appliance is well maintained and fuel is clean and dry.