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Policing in Thurston

The policing team is based at Stowmarket Police Station, from where the officers cover a large part of the Mid-Suffolk District. This is the Safer Neighbourhood Team which is the team covering Thurston and works with the parish of Thurston and partner agencies in our community to identify and address local concern.

For a link to the Stowmarket SNT website which contains a wealth of information about the local team and which will keep you updated and tell you the best ways to contact us please click here

Thurston currently has an agreement with Suffolk Constabulary for a fully funded Police Community Support Officer for a contact of 2 years commencing 4th April 2017. PCSO 3204 Matthew Smith is the PCSO with dedicated responsibility for covering certain duties within the parish of Thurston.

These duties will cover the following roles:

  • Vulnerability and safeguarding: e.g. domestic abuse, victim support, hate and cyber crime, supporting those with additional needs.
  • Community Engagement: e.g. local issues and concerns, schools and youth engagement, speed watch schemes.
  • Demand management: e.g. Mental health, Suffolk family focus, antisocial behaviour, licensing.
  • Crime reduction: e.g. retail crime, rural crime – including shop and farm watch, business crime
  • specific, appropriate roles in the village as requested by the Parish Council on behalf of the electorate.

This fully funded PCSO is in addition to the current establishment of local SNTs and help to strengthen not only the teams, but also the partnerships that exist between other organisations and the police. They are deployed to serve the community but also have specific duty to meet the requirements of the partner agency/business. T

Should you need to get hold of PCSO 3204 Smith or Stowmarket SNT please call 101 for assistance.