Climate Change.

Concerned about Climate Change?

10 easy ways to help Planet Earth and yourself

1. Walk and cycle more - drive less. Good exercise for you and cleaner air for us all to breathe.

2. Use less energy and save money – turn off the lights, only boil as much water in the kettle as you need, insulate your home, install LED lights and energy efficient appliances. Forget about the tumble dryer switch to air drying if you can.

3. Use less water – this is the driest part of the UK.  Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. Have a shower instead of a bath. No need to flush toilets for every wee!

5. Never drop litter – it harms the environment, both land and sea, and wastes resources.

4. Reduce, Re-use, Repair, Recycle, Rebuild, Resell or Resist. Everything we use has cost energy and valuable resources. Visit our section on Refuse, Recycling and Refilling under the Information tab to find out about reducing, reusing and recycling in Thurston and Suffolk.

6. Avoid single-use plastic - Refill a water bottle, take a re–usable cup for your take-away coffee, a plastic lunch box for your take-away meal or to the butcher or fishmonger. Always carry a re-usable shopping bag. Thurston have a refill van that visits every month,for more information visit our section on Mobile Refill Shop under the Refuse, Recycling and Refilling information tab. 

7. Reduce food miles and air pollution - grow your own, buy local and UK grown produce. Support our local and UK farmers and growers. Support local shops and markets.

8. Help Nature – grow pollinator friendly flowers, allow wildflowers to grow, plant a tree. Have water in your garden for birds and insects.

9. Garden with as little use of pesticides as possible - better for you and wildlife. Welcome hedgehogs, frogs & toads into the garden, they’ll eat slugs and snails.

10. Fly less – holiday at home or in the UK and explore your local area and country. Boost the local economy wherever you go.MG28660c