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Update on Thurston's Covid-19 Emergency Plan


The Parish Council would like to thank all involved in the scheme and the work carried out so far and is very grateful to those who came forward when we asked for volunteers at all levels allowing us to mobilise very speedily.

With the changes to lockdown and the imminent lifting of shielding, the Parish Council has looked at how we go forward. Currently the District and County Councils are asking for our Covid-19 Emergency Plan Scheme, and others like it, to continue where possible. This we intend to do. There are concerns about a second spike and possible resurgence over the winter which we need to be in a position to deal with.

We will be making a mail drop to every property in the village in the near future to update all residents and to reassure those that are at risk that we are still there for them. Our current thinking is that it is likely that the scheme in its current form will run through until next Spring.

If you require any assistance with:

•      Collection of medical/first aid supplies

•      Collection of shopping

•      Posting letters / collecting parcels

•      Support in dealing with self-isolation

Please contact the Parish Council and we will put you in touch with an authorised volunteer.

Contact can be made via: