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Policing in Thurston

Suffolk ConstabularyThe policing team covering Thurston is based at Stowmarket Police Station, from where the officers cover a large part of the Mid-Suffolk District. They work closely with  colleagues and partners across the county to make the area a safer place to live, work, travel and invest.

Thurston has a fully  funded PCSO - PCSO Matthew Smith - 3204. PCSO Smith's role as a funded PCSO ensures that Thurston has a which means that  dedicated person, over and above its allocation of Police time.

Even with a dedicated PCSO, the village will still receive coverage from the SNT for this area as we do now, when our dedicated PCSO is off duty but this time will be shared with the other parishes and towns  (73) in the Stowmarket SNT area.

The role of a PCSO has changed since the Policing Review in 2016 and is likely to continue to change given the recent review. There are four areas a PCSO will need to concentrate on and are part of the 4 key elements that the Safer Neighbourhood Teams focus on as it is believed that the majority of crime reported are within these four areas:

  • Vulnerability and safeguarding: e.g. domestic abuse, victim support, hate and cyber crime, supporting those with additional needs.
  • Community Engagement: e.g. local issues and concerns, schools and youth engagement, speed watch schemes.
  • Demand management: e.g. Mental health, Suffolk family focus, antisocial behaviour, licensing.
  • Crime reduction: e.g. retail crime, rural crime – including shop and farm watch, business crime

If you have a non urgent matter please call 101 or visit their website by clicking here.

On a monthly basis the SNT produces a newsletter informing residents of crimes recorded and investigation as well as providing advice and items of interest.

To view the STOWMARKET SNT newsletters please click here to be redirected to their webpage. For the very latest newsletter please click here


Suffolk Police has recently launched “1st Principle”. The first phase of a new library of crime prevention, security and personal safety advice.

To access the advice please click here.
The project takes it’s name from Sir Robert Peel who identified 9 principles of policing when he established the modern day police force. He identified crime prevention as the 1st of these principles.
The Parish Council supports the police in this crime prevention initiative and would urge you to use the advice provided wherever possible by following the link above.