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Accessible Transport

Connecting Communities offers a reliable demand responsive door-to-door transport service to help people to travel who, for whatever reason, would otherwise be unable to do so. The service was previously known Dial a Ride. Our buses are Covid-19 secure to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.

Our drivers are fully trained to ensure a comfortable and pleasant journey, helping people to shop, attend medical appointments and socialise. We know that our service is a lifeline to many of our passengers, they tell us “it’s such a great service, I just couldn’t manage without it”, “not only does it help me to be able do my shopping but I have made so many friends, I really look forward to my journeys".

Peter Lawson from Connecting Communities says, “As a previous driver I know first-hand the impact Connecting Communities has, not just for older people but also for those who live in the villages who are often struggling with reduced scheduled bus services. We not only connect people to their community, but enable to people to meet one another, make connections, friendships and to discover new services/social groups”.

If you are interested in using this service, simply give one of our helpful, team a call on 01638 664304 and they will do the rest for you. 

Annual membership fee: £15

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