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Emergency Plan - COVID-19

The Parish Council, in conjunction with other organisations in the village is implementing a plan to provide a village-wide response to Covid-19 in Thurston. This will now form part of the Village Emergency Plan.

 To deal with the immediate emergency of the Coronavirus, our objective is to put in place structures to support the community over the coming months.

 The plan has three main elements:

1. The Parish Council will co-ordinate responses via the Parish Clerk and Cllrs. Keith Towers and Richard Fawcett with the help of other community bodies.

 2. We are establishing neighbourhood areas across the village. These will be composed of neighbouring streets. The idea is that neighbours can support each other making sure that nobody is left isolated and without support, food or medical care.

 Communication within each area can be done by telephone, internet or just shouting at one another across the street or even over the fence!

Each area will have a neighbourhood co-ordinator. They will link to the Parish Council Co-ordination Team (the Clerk and Cllrs. Towers and Fawcett) which will allow us to pass information up and down the structure ensuring support is directed where it is needed.

3. If necessary, the Parish Council will establish a capability to supply food and medical supplies through the neighbourhood area co-ordinators should this prove to be necessary.

The Parish Council will work with all community groups to ensure that there is social as well as spiritual support for residents. Using telephones and social media will help provide support to the community.


The designated neighbourhood areas are as follows:-

Church Road, Rectory Gardens, Woodland Close, Stockhold Green, Old Post Office Lane, Hollow Lane, The Planche, Pepper Lane   

Norton Road, Old Norton Road, Rylands Close, Cedars Close, Ixworth Road

Blackbird Close, Partridge Close, Wren Close, Howes Avenue, Lapwing Close, Robin Close, Pheasant Close

Station Hill, The Granary, Chester House, Lantham House, New Road (Crossways Cottages); Fox and Hounds Close, Oakwood Drive, Laurel Close, Field View, New Green Avenue

Barleyfields, Ryefields, Wheatfields, Cloverfields, Meadow Lane

Beyton Road, The Acorns, Royston Drive, Pokeriage Gardens, Thedwastre Road, Sandpit Lane, Sandpit Drive, Lodge Close

Pakenham Road, Orchard Lane, Great Green, Oak Road, Barrells Road, Poplar Farm Lane, Stoney Lane, Bird Green, Bird’s Road, Stockhold Green

Barton Road, Marley Close, Hazelwood Close, Hunter Drive, Blenheim Drive, Jacobs Close, Mill Lane, Sheep Lane

School Road, School Lane, Oakey Field Road, Victoria Close, Birch Road, Cavendish Close,

St Peter’s Way

Heath Road, The Crescent, Heath Court, The Hawthorns, Genesta Drive, Maltings Garth

The Hambros, Furze Close, Bracken Row, Rowan Way, Heather Close



We need residents to complete a survey as a matter of urgency either via the link below or by filling out the attached form so we can coordinate responses received and implement the plan as soon as possible.

 We need residents to volunteer as a:

  • Neighbourhood Area Co-Ordinator
  • Collector / deliverer of Medical/first aid supplies
  • Good neighbour
  • Collector / deliverer of shopping
  • Poster of letters / collector of parcels
  • Person willing to chat and listen over the phone

 We also need to know those residents who would like assistance with:

  • Collection of medical/first aid supplies
  • Collection of shopping
  • Posting letters / collecting parcels
  • Support in dealing with self-isolation

 Please complete the survey so we can co-ordinate assistance. The survey can be completed via:

At Thurston Parish Council we are committed, through our councillors, staff and volunteers, to ensuring that we maintain the trust and confidence of the people we serve by keeping your information (i.e. personal data) private and secure. We regard the lawful and proper treatment of personal information as vital to successful working and to the provision of services to and on behalf of the community.

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